Bullion by Post

Northwest Bullion is a UK-based online bullion dealer specialising in silver coins. We also have examples of gold bullions, and offer the best prices on silver.

Why Buy Bullion?

Bullion is a good way to invest your money and spread the risk in your portfolio. Bullion coins are made from precious metals and are usually purchased in bulk as a means of investment. There are a range of types and metals, and we carry stock of UK Britannia, American Eagle and others from across the globe.

If you’re a keen investor, take the advice of many analysts and invest in commodities. Precious metals are considered a good investment, and some will recommend investing in what’s known as a basket of commodities. This is an investment in a bundle of goods, each of which can perform differently, meaning that you don’t always get the true worth of the bullion you are investing in.

That’s why the best way to invest in bullion is to own it outright. Coins are durable, and their size makes them ideal as they are easily and securely stored. They also represent a good way to begin investing – you can start with a small amount and increase them as you wish.

We offer fantastic customer service, and would be happy to talk to you about getting started in silver investment, so for more information, call us on 01204 216411.