Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you buy back gold and silver?

We do not currently offer a buy back policy

  • Does bullion come with any certificate of authenticity?

Bullion coins do not come with any certificate of authenticity

  • Sometimes your coins have small scratches or blemishes on them, why is this?

All of the products we sell are sold as investment gold or silver, and produced in very high numbers for circulation. Even a freshly minted Britannia or Eagle may show slight marks. This happens when the coin falls into the coin box after the minting process. These marks will have no negative effect on the value of the coin.

  • Why buy silver instead of gold?

Silver can be bought on a very small budget. It is also good to diversify your investment portfolio between gold and silver. 

  • Why buy coins instead of bars?

Coins are manufactured by the worlds leading mints and are instantly recognisable. When it comes to reselling dealers will instantly recognise the value of a coin over a generic bar or especially scrap gold or silver. Dealers are also more likely to pay more for a coin.

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