Silver Krugerrands - Now in Stock Posted on 22 Feb 11:40

Although South Africa were the first to produce a 1oz gold coin, the now world famous Gold Krugerrand, they have never produced a 1oz silver coin. South Africa now join the rest of the world with their new 1oz Silver Kruggerand. Get yours now

Although collecting silver coins may just be a hobby for you, they can also be a great investment for the future.

Coins tend to always increase in value, so they are a worthwhile investment as at the very least, you are highly likely to get your investment back. This is unlike a lot of other investment options!

Silver coins also provide a rarity and beauty which makes them an appealing option when it comes to collecting items.

You can buy silver coins directly from us and we have a wide selection to choose from.

Some of these include the Chinese Panda Silver Coin, UK Britannia Silver Coin and the American Eagle Silver Coin. You can find the complete collection on our website and we can guarantee that you will be impressed with the quality of these.

We can also provide you with accessories, including capsules and tubes to keep your silver coins safe and in pristine condition.